These are simple documentation drafts on various topics.


Name Description
fossil-usb Plan 9 installation on USB token with Fossil file system.
fossil-disk Manual Plan 9 installation on disk with Fossil file system and Venti archival storage.
venti-mgr Venti mirror using venti/mgr.
venti-manual-backup Manual Venti backup using dd(1).
fs-mirror Disk mirror using fs(3).
unix-auth Plan 9 authentification from Unix.
nix-notes Notes on NIX installation on Plan 9.
nix-usage Notes on the usage of our NIX patches.
9k-notes Notes on 9k installation on Plan 9.
9k-usage Notes on the usage of our 9k patches.
9c-notes Notes on power64 compiler installation on Plan 9.
upas-server UPAS SMTP, POP and IMAP server configuration.
upas-client upas/fs and upas/smtp configuration.
tls-cert RSA key pair and certificate generation for TLS.
arm-global General instructions about Plan 9 on ARM platforms.
arm-sheevaplug SheevaPlug specific instructions.
arm-igepv2 ISEE IGEPv2 specific instructions.
arm-trimslice Trim-Slice specific instructions.
arm-raspberry Raspberry Pi specific instructions.
power-virtex4 Instructions to run Plan 9 on Virtex-4 FX.
loongson Instructions to run Plan 9 on Lemote Yeeloong.
loongson64 Instructions to run 64-bit Plan 9 on Lemote Yeeloong.
python-notes Instructions to install Python and Mercurial on Plan 9.
gce-notes Instructions to run Plan 9 on Google Compute Engine (boot).
darwin-toolchain Instructions to cross-compile to Darwin from Linux.


Name Description
build 9legacy build machinery.
sdiff Diff against Plan 9 from Bell Labs.
sorig Revert from Plan 9 from Bell Labs.
patch2diff Convert Plan 9 patch(1) files to unified diff files.
patchlsub Convert all Laboratorio de Sistemas NIX patches to unified diff files.
patchsources Convert all Plan 9 patches to unified diff files.
backup Helper scripts to backup Venti using venti-backup(8).


Name Description
tcpproxy Simple TCP proxy, using thread(2).