Installation - 9legacy

Plan 9 with the most useful and interesting patches.
It includes the 386 and amd64 kernels and binaries.

Plan 9 on USB token

This is a bootable Plan 9 USB image, including the terminal and cpu kernels and running the Fossil file system.
The patches only affects the kernels on the 9fat. The file system is extracted from the official Plan 9 from Bell Labs CD image.

Plan 9 under GNU GPL

Python and Mercurial binaries

The current Python port is the work of Jeff Sickel. The Mercurial port is maintained upstream by Steven Stallion. Erik Quanstrom did the required APE changes.

Plan 9 on QEMU (with Virtio) and GCE

See the notes and disk script.

Go 1.7 binaries

Go 1.8 binaries





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